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As severe climate impacts continue to accelerate this year, Operaatio Arktis will participate in COP28 together with many of our partners to create safer spaces for critical questions that we must start to ask ourselves:


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"If we lose

the arctic,

we lose

the globe."

- The president of Finland

Sauli NiinistO


Arctic endgame 

Read our first risk analysis publication here

Arctic Endgame is a science based overview on climate risks and how to prevent them. 


What happens when Arctic sea ice disappears? What are climate repair technologies? What are the challenges and risks involved?


We urgently need a new climate risk analysis and public discussion on climate repair. Arctic Endgame is the opening of this dialogue.

Youth for preserving
the arctic sea ice

1 billion children are already at extreme risk from global heating.


Melting Arctic sea ice is one of the most dangerous consequences of global heating. Up to 75% of Arctic sea ice has melted in the last 40 years and without acute intervention it will disappear completely.


Melting sea ice triggers devastating chain reactions in the natural systems essential for our life.


Rapid reduction of emissions is critically important, but it is no longer enough on its own to guarantee a safe planet. Some tipping points in the Earth system may already have been passed, and more are likely to be passed after 1.5 degrees of warming.

By cooling critical areas, stabilizing glaciers and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, we can still prevent catastrophic changes that are otherwise unavoidable with the tools currently discussed in policymaking


Operaatio Arktis is a youth-led science communication project based in Finland with the objective to preserve the Arctic sea ice. To safeguard the critical local and global role of the Arctic, Operaatio Arktis is promoting research for feasible, ecologically sustainable and equitable climate repair methods with a growing network of stakeholders.



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